Thursday, 18 October 2012

Why are the Banks so scared of Silver?

Not exactly the most eloquent video I've made, but I briefly touch on a number of things like BASEL 3.

BASEL is a very understated organisation which controls the Central Banks and sets their regulations. In an attempt to try and mend the world, they've released a new act which now makes Gold a 1st Tier asset as opposed to 3rd tier. This now means that Banks can lend off Gold at 100% of its value instead of 50% and Gold is now classed as good as cash and Government/Treasury bonds. As well as this, they've increased the capital ratio from 4%-6%, so this means that from 1 Jan 2013, Central Banks across the world will HAVE TO start acquiring and storing more PHYSICAL Gold. This is an immensely bullish sign for future Gold prices. Will this result in a spiking of Gold's price in the New Year? Only time will tell...