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Someone else who knows what's really going on...

This is one of the best interviews I've listened to this year. It's very warming to see that other people a lot smarter than myself are also singing off the same hymn sheet!

This is 48 minutes well spent...

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Gold supply decreasing, demand increasing = ......

Everyone knows that in a commodity, when the supply decreases and demand remains the same or increases, the price of that commodity will rise.

So with that and mind, I'd like to draw your attention to this article:

Silver Update - 11 Dec 12

Haven't been able to post an update for a while but here's a quick rather broad update on general sentiment. Hope this helps.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

SAS Soldier now free...

It's an absolute travesty that this whole event even happened. I love this country but it really does do some stupid things....a lot of the time!

Glad that he's back now...

Friday, 30 November 2012

The Fed lost $9 them squirm...

If you fancy having a laugh, watch the Fed squirm under questioning. This really is a joke...

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fake Gold popping up everywhere!

There have been a lot of cases of fake Gold popping up everywhere and even from world famous Bullion Dealers. That's the problem with selling second hand bullion, so if a bullion dealer tries to sell you second hand coins/bars (especially bars) be very careful. There's more of a risk with Gold than Silver, just like you don't see many fake 5p coins, but you tend to see a lot of fake £20 notes. It's a case of the fraudster's time/cost/effort for ROI. Hence why I always stick with Silver 1oz Government Mint coins. I've actively sought to find a good fake Maple Leaf or American Eagle on eBay and can't find any. Fake coins like this are normally very obvious. Good fake coins are rather hard to come by...(which is a very good thing!)...

Picture of overtly blatant Silver manipulation...

This is a textbook example of Silver suppression. Silver has been moving upwards rather strongly and is threatening the key $35 level. Therefore JP Morgan nearly always tries to suppress this by smashing it down by dumping millions of ounces of fake paper Silver onto the market in a very short period of time. It drops the price and then the high frequency robot traders picks this up and amplifies the move to silly proportions! And this large move here happened in less than 5 minutes!

However it's rather promising that the price shot straight back up though. This shows great upwards strength. The next few weeks will be very interesting, especially as the festive months are historically very good for Silver prices...

Also, the speculative side of me is thinking that this was also a very large stop run. Basically the powers that be can actually see where everyone's stop losses are, so a stop run is where the market is driven down or up to stop people out (get you out of your trade) so that a large order can be conveniently filled...

Monday, 26 November 2012

Last Free Seminar - Northampton

This is just a shameless plug for my last free seminar which is being held in Northampton. There's been such a great response from these seminars so far and I'd love to meet you if you come along. You can grab a seat here: 

Short term Silver outlook

Just a quick heads up...

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The media is very slowly catching up...

A thank you for one of our followers who sent me this link today :

It's nothing that we don't already know but it does appear that Gold and Silver is slowly creeping into the media's attention. However they always miss out on what's going on in the Silver market. Gold is a smart move, however the smarter investors are investing in Silver due to the hundreds of reasons stated in 

And in case you haven't seen what's happening to the's the latest:

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Is Apple the next Western Bubble to POP?!

I've been highlighting over the last few weeks how weak the US stock market is at the moment. I've shown forecast after forecast of how the S&P 500 could/will fall - and it has. However one of the main questions I'm getting at the moment is:

"But why is the Stock Market falling? The news says things are peachy now..."

Well for a start, without sounding too crass, if you believe that we're about to grow out of this recession, 2 points, i.) Not a chance in hell. Apple, the Stock Markets and the economy are going to hell in a handbasket, and ii.) you really need to watch this is full: paying particular attention to the wealth cycles I explain in it.

The main reasons that we've seen a slight climb in equities over the last few months is mainly due to QE3 and also the fact that the Powers-that-be are all playing the status quo game. Election years are funny times and in a 6 month period we're having the US, Chinese and German elections. So once all that is out of the way, then the drama (Europe) can then unfold. As you may have noticed, just before the US election the NFP report was unusually rosy compared to previous months and the words 'FISCAL CLIFF' were nowhere to be heard on the news.

Also, another reason the US Stock Market (S&P 500) has been relatively buoyant recently is because Apple was the only thing keeping it afloat. However with less than expected iPhone 5 sales and less than expected 'fake growth' with QE3 and other factors, the Apple bubble is now popping. And as Apple deflates, so too will the S&P500. And as the S&P500 falls, so too will the rest of the world Stock Markets. So it doesn't look peachy. Unless Apple quickly releases their new iPanel product and it revolutionises TV like it did with MP3 players and mobile phones, there's very little hope of prosperity here. Even if that does happen, I fear it will be short lived though.

So what can we do?

I never give financial advice, but in my opinion, you're playing with fire if you have positions in the Stock Market (even if you think your big Blue Chip company is super strong). In 2008 we saw at least 5 of the biggest banks in the US go under and when the eventual crisis unfolds around 2014-2017, think of 1929 on steroids. If the Internet and Google was about in 1929, that crash would have been a lot worse! So without sounding like a 1 track record, you simply can't go wrong with buying Gold and Silver bullion coins. It's in my opinion the best hedge against the greed and over-leverage of the financial puppeteers. I've attached a little overview of Apple below.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

US Stock Market sell off imminent...

If you have stocks and shares, please be very careful...

Please see previous posts to see how and why this has developed...

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Is this the best investment ever?

This is a slightly old video of Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) on his view of Silver. Kiyosaki was right about the Tech bubble collapse, the housing bubble and is now piling heavily into Gold and Silver...

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Why are the Banks so scared of Silver?

Not exactly the most eloquent video I've made, but I briefly touch on a number of things like BASEL 3.

BASEL is a very understated organisation which controls the Central Banks and sets their regulations. In an attempt to try and mend the world, they've released a new act which now makes Gold a 1st Tier asset as opposed to 3rd tier. This now means that Banks can lend off Gold at 100% of its value instead of 50% and Gold is now classed as good as cash and Government/Treasury bonds. As well as this, they've increased the capital ratio from 4%-6%, so this means that from 1 Jan 2013, Central Banks across the world will HAVE TO start acquiring and storing more PHYSICAL Gold. This is an immensely bullish sign for future Gold prices. Will this result in a spiking of Gold's price in the New Year? Only time will tell...

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The famous EBSI Quadrant...

Although this shows that working in a job isn't the most effective use of ones time, having a job in the first place can help your progression into the B/I sectors a lot easier. I feel a job is just a cushy stepping stone before you make the plunge...but boy is it nice in the B & I sectors...However, starting your own business is rather risky, 9 out of 10 collapse in the first year...

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

QE = Delayed fuse Dynamite...

So what exactly has been happening over the last month?

In a nutshell, the US has pretty much signed a death warrant for the Dollar. The only reason why the markets have been up over the last few months is because the Federal Reserve is artificially propping up the system in the aim of avoiding deflation. They've done this by injecting colossal sums of currency into the banking system (QE1,2,3 and Operation Twist). Now these measures temporarily help stocks and bonds, but they absolutely ravage the economy. They don't even print the full amount of money these days, they just type zeros into a computer and POOF, fake Dollars spring into existence and every new Dollar they create, immediately DEVALUES every other Dollar in the world. So in essence, by doing so, the US is secretly taxing the world through inflation. As a result, we shall soon see prices for pretty much everything we buy increasing. Food inflation will be a big issue in 2013…so watch this space.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the world is crumbling and if you think the status quo will be maintained, you'll be sorely shocked in the next couple of years. After the US and German elections are out of the way, it's end game for the Euro. If you're heavily reliant upon stocks and shares, I seriously hope you know what you're doing and know every detail about the company you've invested in. Again, when war in the Middle East erupts within the next 6 months or so, oil prices will be affected in a big way. So filling your car up will will only become more expensive. But it's not all doom and gloom. Did you know that in 2006, £6 would buy you 6 litres of petrol or 1 ounce of Silver. But right now, £6 will buy you 4.6 litres of petrol, whereas that same 1 ounce of Silver will now buy you 23 litres of petrol! Silver is literally the silver lining. Not only is it a great investment in my opinion, it's a great way to protect your wealth and purchasing power. An insurance policy if you may.

Well, I hope this helps in some way. I've also included a very basic picture of what QE is below.

If you ever have any questions, please send me an email or pick up the phone!

Silver Update - 09 Oct 12

Been asked by a follower to do a quick Silver update. Much has changed since I last did one, but the fundamentals still remain even stronger than ever before.

The next few months are going to be extremely interesting.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hyperinflation in the US in less than 900 days?

Gold Silver Worlds | September 30, 2012

John Williams, who is the founder of, stated during a recent interview that the US is on track to become victim of hyperinflation the latest in 2014. He believes that “open ended QE” (which is nothing more than monetizing debt) is the key problem. He explains there is an annual deficit of 5 trillion dollar per year in the US, which includes the unfunded liabilities.  He declares the situation “beyond containment”. Central planners are responding to the current economic problems by simply increasing the amount of printed money. John Williams his expectations are that  we’ll soon see a heavy sell off in the dollar, quickly followed by a significant first spike in inflation. That will ultimately lead to  hyperinflation the latest somewhere in 2014. We are just before the kick off of inflation.

We recently mentioned in our article “Money printing and inflation” that in fact inflation IS the expansion of the money supply. Inflation results in price inflation (the phenomenon of rising prices). Usually there is a time period between those two events, which makes it hard for most people to relate them to each other. Inflation and price inflation are often confused in spoken language  but it’s mandatory to understand this fundamental difference.

Hyperinflation is a situation that most people can’t imagine they could go through in their lives. Among economic and financial experts and commentators, it’s a subject that triggers a lot of debate. The least you can say is that there is a consensus on when and how hyperinflation hits. If you think about it, it’s very strange as the world has experienced so many periods of (hyper)inflation. Even in the 20th century, the number of countries that were hit by severe hyperinflations  exceeds what most of us expect (see table below; courtesy of Miles Franklin). Honestly, it’s beyond us that even in the scientific world there is no consensus. The funny result is that most people belong to one of the two camps: either they think that inflation and possibly hyperinflation will hit, either they expect a deflationary situation. 

Hyperinflation vs inflation

First off, what exactly is hyperinflation? We think that the blog post from FOFOA “Just Another Hyperinflation” is excellent and that it provides an in-depth answer to our question. We consider it a must read for anyone trying to understand the concept of hyperinflation. It also puts the notion of deflation into perspective.

I would like to clear up probably the most common misconception about hyperinflation. What most people believe is that massive printing of base money leads to hyperinflation. No, it’s the other way around. Hyperinflation leads to the massive printing of base money.

Hyperinflation, in most people minds, conjures images of trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes. But this image is simply the government’s reflexive response to the onset of hyperinflation, which is actually the loss of confidence in the currency. First comes the loss of confidence (hyperinflation), then, and only then, comes the massive printing to keep the government and its obligations afloat.

You see, hyperinflation is exactly like deflation. The only thing hyperinflation has in common with inflation is part of its name. It looks just like a deflationary depression. In fact, it IS a deflationary depression, with a different numéraire, being GOLD.

The key in this view is to understand that debt (owned by banks & Central Banks) and credit (in the form of paper money) are not balanced anymore, although they were in the past. A desperate move to rebalance that situation is what (Cental) Banks are aiming to do with their actions. That’s why you see today for example tightened conditions of commercial banks in providing credit or the massive buying of mortgage backed securities and bonds by Centrals Banks. These actions result in a widening gap between debt and credit. It’s against that background that you should interpret FOFOA’s fundamental statement: “Hyperinflation is the process of saving debt-backed assets (MBS’s etc.) at all costs, even buying them outright for cash.”

The point here is that this tactic only works as long as all circumstances remain unchanged. As soon as the awareness on a larger scale kicks in and a tipping point is reached, it will be the market that pushes interest rates higher. Several other types of events could cause the situation to spiral out of control as well. It seems like it’s just a matter of time till one of those things happen! When we reach that point, (Central) Banks will not be able to justify money printing anymore … but the damage will be done, sadly enough.

Mind also the unit of measurement that can make a huge difference in understanding a situation, for example expressing an economic situation in terms of fiat currency or in terms of gold. Measuring a situation in gold for example could show a deflationary view, while in nominal US dollar terms it can look totally different.

The bottom line is what Andy Hoffman wrote: “EVERY fiat currency regime throughout history has COLLAPSED, and EVERY new attempt will do the same.”

Grant Williams about (hyper)inflation

We asked Grant Williams if he thinks hyperinflation will hit in 2014. He is the author of the respected newsletter Things That Make You Go Hmm and is very well positioned to have a clear and neutral view on the economy. He told us that the sharp sell-off in the dollar may not happen for a while as just about every other currency is being overtly weakened simultaneously. However, he believes there is a very real risk of extreme inflation and he doesn’t rule out hyperinflation can kick in.

Grant Williams closely monitors the velocity of money which has been falling since 2008 as well as the excess reserves parked at the Federal reserve which have been rising during the same period. 

Right now, the Fed is “confident” that once they get the velocity of money rising, they can simply and effectively stop those excess reserves from pouring into the economy in search of a productive home. Of course, they were also ‘confident’ that subprime was ‘contained’ and that there would never be a national decline in house prices.

If they fail to successfully extricate themselves from the corner they have backed themselves into, then there is a very real possibility of hyperinflation but for it to happen by 2014 is, perhaps, a bit of a stretch.

Protect yourself with gold & silver

So in the light of all of this to come, whether it is inflation or hyperinflation, the most logic way for you to protect yourself is by preserving purchasing power in the form of Gold & Silver. Since 1913, which is the year where the Central Bank was founded,  the US dollar has lost 98% of its value. By contrast, Gold has preserved its purchasing power since then. During a hyperinflationary period, Gold prices surge dramatically. It doesn’t mean though you are making profits when, say, the gold price doubles. You are simply preserving your purchasing power in an environment where the value of the currency has declined by 50%.

Article by Gold Silver Worlds

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Big moves to come!

If anyone has been around me recently, I've been rather excited as something big is happening in the Gold and Silver world. Check out why...

Why Do We Take Financial Advice From Poor People?

(This is an article from my friend Graham Rowan who's a profound financial speaker/investor. With his permission I thought this is an article worth reading).

One of my favourite mentors was the late, great Jim Rohn. When it came to incomprehensible behaviour, he would refer to ‘the great mysteries of life’. For example, with all the wisdom of the world available free of charge in the local library, only 3% of the population has a library ticket. Why? One of the great mysteries of life.

 Here’s another. When it comes to choosing what to invest in, who do we turn to for advice? That nice young man at Barclays who sits at a desk with a ‘personal banker’ sign? He’s probably on about £17K a year with a bonus for any investment products that he manages to sell. As well as loans, mortgages and every type of insurance. Oh, and he can only sell Barclays’ investment products. He’s probably got spiky hair, the remnants of acne and a negative net worth when his credit cards, store cards and I-phone contract are taken into account. How much will you trust his advice on where to invest your hard-earned life savings?

Or maybe you use the services of an Independent Financial Adviser. He (the vast majority are men with an average age of 58) is regulated by the Financial Services Authority, and thanks to some new rules he will have taken some fresh exams recently to remain kosher. But check out what is covered in those exams. It has nothing to do with finding better performing investments that can be life changing for you and your family. It has everything to do with additional layers of bureaucracy and helping them to cover themselves if anything goes wrong. Interestingly, perhaps because of their average age, many are choosing to leave the profession rather than spend two years studying just to remain in business.

Usually, IFAs receive commission from the investments that they recommend. Occasionally, they charge a fee for their services. Few of them seem to be particularly wealthy. My observation from dealing with a number of IFAs over the years is that they rarely invest in the products they recommend, they often propose products with high charges such as multi-manager funds and their mantra is diversification to reduce risk. Robert Kiyosaki called this ‘di-worsification’.

Think about it. The more you diversify and ‘follow the herd’, the more likely you are to achieve average performance. You can’t follow the crowd and expect better than average results. The biggest fortunes are usually made through focus and concentration. If you own your own business, it may be your most valuable asset. You might find that investing in growing your business gives you the best return of all.

What matters most is that you take personal ownership of your financial future, have a strategy that drives your approach and do your own research into each type of investment.

If you do take advice from anyone, make sure that person ticks these boxes:
· He has already invested in the asset class he is recommending to you
· He is credible in terms of the overall success he has achieved in life
· You have done your own research and are comfortable that, given all the information available to you at this time, this investment makes sense for you.

A simple rule of thumb is – don’t take investment advice from a poor person! Until next week Best wishes Graham Graham Rowan Speaker, Author, Investor This article first appeared in the Wealth Watch newsletter in March 2012. If you'd like to receive Wealth Watch to your UK address each month please register at

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Evidence that UK house prices have another 3-5 years of falling...

One of the consistent questions I get at my seminars is, 'Why do you think house prices are going to keep falling? What evidence or proof do you have?' Normally these questions come loaded with a lot of passion and cynicism and I can completely understand why. For the majority of people, real estate is a very emotional issue as it's normally the biggest, boldest and most expensive thing one tends to buy in their lifetime. Plus it's an 'investment' which you can live, sleep and eat in. People spend their blood, sweat, tears and talent saving up for a ridiculous 30% deposit these days, then go through the nervous process of handing that chunk of money over to someone they don't know. Then their financial life completely revolves around paying off their mortgage.* So on the whole, your house is the closest thing to your heart next to your pet dog. (On a side note, a couple of times, some individuals have said that real estate is always better than Gold & Silver because you can't eat Gold or Silver! Well, you can't eat your house or stock market shares either, but hey, it's a statement that always makes me chuckle inside).

Now I've always said that I'm not a Gold or Silver bug. I really don't want to own these metals as they have no dividends or cashflow and they're just shiny inert lumps of metal which you have to store and protect. My true aim in the next decade is to acquire as much real estate as I possibly can and I won't stop until I have enough cashflowing properties which will generate at least 3 times my expenses/liabilities per month. So that could be 3 houses or it could be 30 houses. But knowing my penchant for cars, planes, helicopters and extreme sports, I think it's probably going to be nearer the latter.

So going back to the main question of why I think we've got a few more years until real estate bottoms, I'd like to draw your attention to one of the key indicators (in my opinion) which illustrates that we haven't seen the bottom of this real estate plummet. And that is the Silver to House Price Ratio and the Gold to house Price ratio. I believe this ratio is pivotal in decifering when is the optimum time to jump ship from precious metals to real estate and it's vastly overlooked by mainstream economists/analysts/City-hotshots who are (in my opinion) normally incorrect with their economic projections. E.g. Bernanke, Merv King and mortgage advisors with the 2008 real estate bubble and stockbrokers/mutual funds with the 2001 tech bubble!

So below is a chart of this key indicator. In layman's terms, this chart shows you how many ounces of Silver it would take for you to buy an average priced house in the UK completely outright with no mortgage.

As you know, house prices are still falling whilst Silver is starting to really surge in price and as you can see on this graph, the House Price/Silver ratio is plummeting, and has been doing so since 2003.

Also, you can see that back in 1980, you could buy an average priced house in the UK for just 813 ounces of Silver.

So if you were a wealth cycle investor and was simply flipping between houses and Silver, the perfect play here would be to sell your Silver in 1980 and invest heavily into real estate. Then sell your real estate in 2003 for a great profit and invest it into Silver, then wait until this cycle repeated itself again. So by looking at this chart, at current rates, this ratio should hit rock bottom (house price bottom) anywhere between 2013-2015. (I can hear some of you screaming that house prices reached a peak in 2007, not 2003. Well if you are thinking that, you're absolutely correct and you would have realised your peak profit from selling your real estate in that year, but relative to the House/Silver cycle, you'd acquire a lot more Silver by selling your real estate in 2003 as opposed to 2007, thus getting more potential future profits).

Now obviously you shouldn't base your whole investment strategy on just one indicator, but just take a step back for a moment and see what this chart is really telling you. It shows that this ratio is returning back to it's all time low of 813oz, which means that in the very near future, we are quite likely going to see and live in a period of time where you can go out and buy a whole average priced house for just 813 ounces of Silver. So right now, if you were to go out and buy 813 ounces of investment grade Silver (Canadian Maple Leafs/American Eagles) in today's money that would cost you roughly £23 100. Then if you sat on that and waited till the ratio got back down to 813 oz like it did in 1980, (which may happen again in a few years) you would have bought a house for just £23 100. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. But when you really start digging around in the Gold and Silver world, it doesn't stop there. Due to a myriad of factors, (which you can discover at (, I believe that this ratio won't just stop at 813oz. In a nutshell, Silver reserves around the world are depleted, it's the 2nd most used commodity on the planet, the currency supply has increased by a factor of at least 10 since 1980 and in investment form, there is more Gold than Silver on the planet, and in trading there is a thing called overcompensation of the reversion to the mean. This basically says that things go from over valued to undervalued and so on as it always tries to revert to the mean, but just shoots way past it. So with all of these attributing factors and more, my research leads me to personally believe that this ratio will go down to at least 400 ounces. Which means that within 2-5 years, we could buy an average priced house in the UK for just 400 ounces of Silver which is just £11 400 in today's money (23 Sep 2012). And that is why I am building my Gold and Silver ark. So that when this moment arises and I can buy a house outright for roughly 400-500oz of Silver. Well, you could do that, but I'm personally going to convert half of my Silver holdings into 10-20 house deposits and start building my real estate portfolio. I'll then sell another 25% of my Silver when Gold and Silver prices reach parity and then keep the remaining 25% to lend and borrow against. Some may say this is a risky plan, but I've spent a good 2 years thinking this plan through and believe it's airtight. You simply can't go wrong with owning physical Gold and Silver as it has no counter-party risk and they are money so it cannot crash in price/value in a big way. Whereas your bank can easily go bankrupt taking your cash and savings away, stocks can crash and country's can pilfer your pension pot like we've shockingly seen in Greece recently.

This is the House price to Gold ratio chart. As you can see, it's a very similar story, except that it's all time low was 37oz. Which means that if you waited to buy a house with Gold when the ratio reaches its all time low like in 1980, 37oz of Gold would cost you about £41 000! This in itself is one of the many reasons why Silver is a far better investment that Gold. Historically, Gold has always underperformed against Silver. For instance in 1980, Gold rose by a factor of 24 (which is very good), but Silver increased by a factor of 36.

So there you have it. My main reason why I believe that we've got a few more years of falling house prices and that there's no need to rush around and get on the ladder just yet. The silver lining of this whole topic really is Silver itself.

Hope you found this useful and please email me if you have any questions or if you down right disagree with me. I'm always keen for healthy debate!

* Do you know where the word 'mortgage' comes from? It comes from the French as usual - 'mort' (life) and 'gage' (gauge). So literally speaking, a mortgage is a "gauge of one's life", which is pretty close to truth actually because people tend to spend their whole life paying off their mortgage and after doing so, pop their clogs not long after.

The world economy is melting up...

A very good video explaining some of the underlying fundamental reasons why we need to start opening our eyes beyond the mainstream news...

Friday, 14 September 2012

A good outline of the Silver market

This is a promotional video of Endeavour Silver. I'm not promoting them in anyway. In fact it's counter-intuitive as I sell bullion myself, but the video is good at explaining in very simple terms what's developing...

If there is one audio clip you listen to should be this one...

Wise, wise words...

Ignore the annoying voice at the beginning.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Gold and Silver Update - 13 Sep 12

I've been talking about the psychological $35 level for a few months now and that we would be achieving this very soon. Well these updates haven't been wrong yet, so my previous assessment of reaching $35 soon and $50 within months still stands. If you haven't got physical gold and silver, now is the time to get it. We will never see sub $30 silver again or sub $1700 gold. Stay tuned for this weekend for a full market video update...

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Silver Update 11 Sep 12

Just a really quick update due to lack of time this morning but long story short, things are looking great for silver at the moment. Enjoy...

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Gold and Silver Update - 06 Sep 12

I was 90%, but now I'm 99% certain that this is the start of the biggest silver rally there ever will be and this bull run will last at the very least 5-10 years. My bullion buying customers are going to be some very wealthy people.

But back to the update, a while ago I mentioned that once we close above $30 we would never see sub $30 again. Well in the last few days Silver has smashed through the $32 level and is  now about to test $33. This is a purely physical bullion driven market and the market manipulation we've seen over the years is now looking as though it's being over powered by the sheer demand of people buying REAL physical silver. The fundamentals behind silver are beyond belief and the Silver rally is going to be like a thief in the night and shock the world. That's a good thing if you own silver, not so good if you don't. We're now waving goodbye to dirt cheap silver. Having said that, this is still very cheap considering that we'll be looking at $500 Silver within 3-5 years...

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A good article from Wealth Wire

“I do not know if they [the Fed] will announce it… I know they are going to print more money. They already are.  If you look at their balance sheets, you will see that something is happening, assets are building on their balance sheets and they are not coming from the tooth fairy.”
Jim Rogers - Billionaire/Commodity Guru

Rogers recently made this statement to India’s Economic Times. He continued by asserting his belief that the Fed is “a little embarrassed” to officially confirm their engagement in QE3 after QE1 and QE2 failed.
Furthermore, Rogers says he is confident that they are all going to print money even though it is the wrong thing to do. Unfortunately, it is “all they know how to do,” according to Rogers.

Last week, Bernanke gave no direct indication of a coming QE3 at the Jackson Hole speech, but no one was surprised. Instead, Bernanke used his energy and speaking time attempting to explain the ways in which QE1 and QE2 were effective.

We’re not sure who’s buying those lines, but we know Mr. Rogers isn’t one of those suckers.
Presumably, America’s central banks are secretly printing money already to avoid “getting egg on their face again.”

Meanwhile, the eurozone crisis and our own debt dilemmas remain stagnant. It’s truly mind-boggling that the Federal Reserve is still attempting to solve the debt problem by instigating more debt by giving consumers a false sense of confidence by printing more ‘Monopoly Money.’

Investors finding trouble with the Western stock markets – the Euro Stoxx 50 index is down 3.1pc from its year-high in March after falling 18.8pc – are turning towards other emerging markets for solace, especially Asia.

Still, India and China both have some serious risk-factors associated with them…Rogers is short on India and says China is headed towards a “hard landing.”

Once again, investors are seeing why gold and other precious metals are the only real safe havens in these unfavorable present-day market conditions. Gold is hovering around the $1,689 range and is likely to crawl up again once governments across the globe reinstate stimulus measures.

But don’t look to the central banks to help out with the mess the global community is in. They will just print more money as gold prices rise in response.

Oil prices are predicted to rise based on supply limitations as well. If our nation does end up going to war with Iran, expect oil prices to surge to unprecedented levels.

Keep your eyes on commodities and precious metals, not the Fed. You already know what they’re doing – we’ve all already seen it twice before. 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Black Gold. The drug of choice for the human race...

Ever wondered how far we're willing to go to extract the tiniest quantities of oil? Well this picture explains it perfectly. We are very close to peak oil production and so the next decade is going to be very interesting! But from an investor view point, oil prices are only going in one direction! And it's not sideways! 

Also, to put it into perspective of how desperate we are. Remember that BP  oil spill not so long ago in the Atlantic? Well that oil well they found there was one of the biggest discoveries in recent history. That may sound impressive, but if they didn't screw up and they actually managed to extract every single drop of oil from that would only have supplied just 24 hours of the world's total oil consumption! 24 hours! And that's being conservative. As I've said many a time now, my personal 5 years outlook on the markets is Euro down, Dollar up till the Euro dies, then down, Oil up, Gold and Silver on a rocket, commodities up, Rare Earth Minerals up, Uranium up and Stock Markets's probably better to go to the casino than buy into the Stock Markets at the moment!

Gold and Silver Update - 03 Sep 12

If you cast your eyes back to a few updates ago, I mentioned that Gold and Silver had broken out of it's long term range and that from now on, all we will be seeing is rising prices...but only after a slight retrace. Well it did exactly that. This was also helped by the Ben Bernanke Jackon Hole speech where he indicated again that QE3 is on the cards. But as we all know by now, QE3 has always been on the cards. It's simply a loaded gun and the trigger will be pulled the moment they smell deflation. To us public folk, what we'll probably see is a quick stock market crash, QE3 being injected and the aftermath of it will be a few months of rallying in the capital markets followed by an almighty crash. I exited from the stock market about 6 months ago and will certainly not be re-entering it for a long time. The pic below is what happened with the metals. The left side is my previous update and the right side is what happened. Long story short, I'm expecting another tiny retrace, but the next target for silver is $35 and we'll be seeing that in a matter of weeks, if not days....

Friday, 31 August 2012

Chuck have now been replaced....

This has nothing to do with investing, but I just wanted to include it on here. This guy was on his own and got ambushed by 30 Taliban. He single handedly neutralized the threat and even used a sandbag and a tripod. Amazing courage! We need to look after our Gurkha a lot better, it's disgraceful how we treat them.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Urgent Silver update - 22 Aug 12

Things are heating up. My view is that gold and silver prices have started their bull run. I said that we wouldn't have these cheap prices for long and I was hoping they'd last till October, but hey...this is where the fun starts...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Monday, 20 August 2012

Maths has never been so straight forward...

So folks:
- John Paulson has just bought $18 Billion worth of Gold.
- George Soros has sold ALL of his financial stocks for $50 Million and bought $100 Million worth of Gold.
- The Central banks have gone from biggest sellers of Gold to biggest buyers.
- China has bought over $2 Trillion of Gold and Silver in the last 24 months.
- The Rothschilds and Rockefellers have joined forces for the first time since 1928 (a year before the Great Depression).
- Eric Sprott and Jim Rogers (billionaires) have most of their net worth in Gold and Silver.

So surely if the world's smartest billionaires are fleeing to Gold and Silver for financial safety...surely that's a sign that the rest of us should be doing so as well?

I'm no mathematician, but this algebraic equation makes perfect crystal sense to me...:

Brutal austerity + toxic politcal/financial corruption + rising bond yields + a lack of confidence in the financial system + banks that are massively overleveraged + a massive credit crunch + ERISA + global silver shortage + Rothschilds betting against the Euro + China owning more Dollars than the US + US debt increasing by $4 BILLION per day + Iran/Syria = A financial implosion of historic proportions + Gold & Silver prices to the moon + JP Morgan becoming insolvent + hyperinflationary depression.

Call a me a doom gloomer, but what's the worst that could happen by buying a lot of Gold and Silver? Please email me, because I see no reason not to...

Monday, 13 August 2012

History Doesn't Repeat Itself, It Just Rhymes Really Well!

On my DVD (, I mentioned that in the world of finance and investing, history nearly always repeats itself. I then go on to say that because of this clockwork predictability, investing can be very easy if you know what you're looking for. Well...not long ago I was having a rather in depth conversation/debate with an acquaintance over the world crisis and he was adamant that history certainly does not repeat itself and that anyone who invests and hopes that history will pop up and say hello again is a fool. Although I disagreed and attempted to prove him wrong with some facts and graphs, the debate continued. However his argument did spawn 2 thoughts:

 i.) Hope is probably one of the worst things to have when you trade or invest. It's almost as bad as revenge or greed, so if you ever find yourself making a trade and 'hoping' it goes in your're in for a surprise! You really need to 100% know why you're making that trade based on facts. NOT what your gut is telling you. The market can't hear your gut.

 ii.) The history thing. It bugged me. So I recently re-watched the DVD again and studied a lot of my past work and research into the market data I've amassed over the years. As a result, I'd now like to make a retraction. :-S Although history doesn't repeat itself, it does rhyme really really well and most of the time, when it does rhyme, it tends to be sung in a sinister tone. It seems as though the God of Economics has a cheeky sense of humour. This 'God' seems to enjoy watching us humans fall into the same problems and make the same stupid jerk reactions time and time again. Except that every time things repeat, just for giggles, this 'God' changes events ever so slightly, sits back with his popcorn and watches our own undoing. Pick any economic disaster over the last 300 years and I can find you multiple events in history which albeit may not match it exactly, is merely a different octave.

So why is this? Why are we continually doomed for failure? Well, in a nutshell, it's simply due to human nature. As a race, we simply cannot master self-control. Especially when our green horns protrude in the presence of money and power. The great Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild even said, "I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the money supply." Do you really think President Obama controls the US? It's quickly becoming common knowledge that Goldman Sachs controls America, but who controls Goldman Sachs? You guessed it...the Rothchilds. While they may not own it completely, they have a large stake. There are even several unconfirmed sources that say the Rothchilds are worth over $100 trillion, however it could just be hearsay. But I digress.

Back to human nature. So we may start out with good intentions like the Americans did 200 years ago with the Constitution. However the powers that be saw gaping holes of opportunity over the decades and pounced on them without us noticing. Like completely ignoring the Constitution by unpegging the Dollar from Gold. Or the introduction of the Federal Reserve. Please watch my video about the money supply and the Fed here, but ever since its inception, the Dollar has been devalued every single day. To the point where right now, the US Debt increases by $4 Billion per DAY and the US currency supply has quadrupled in the last 3 years! Power is gained through enslavement via taxes and the the Fed steals money from the public in the form of inflation. Commonly known as the stealth tax. The world's currency supply is well into exponential growth and every single dollar the Fed creates out of thin air, immediately devalues every other Dollar in existence. Thus, devaluing the Dollars and buying power in your pocket. The Dollar has lost more than 97% in value since the Fed reared its octopus grip on America/world. But don't for one minute think you're safe in the UK. Our debt increases by £450 Million per day and our currency supply is also in exponential growth. The Bank of England is just as bad and is simply the Federal Reserve's ugly younger sister.

Our own undoing 9 times out of 10 normally starts from the birth of a fiat currency. Again, this video explains it all, but every major civilisation from the Romans to the Greeks all died due to war and fiat currencies. War is simply the cigarette but fiat currencies are the cancer and right now, our cancer is terminal. Fiat currencies have a 100% failure rate over the last 3000 years and if you think we've finally figured out how to cure this cancer, please carry on watching the news and burying your head in the sand.

Now some of you may be wondering how we can counteract this ominous currency devaluing. The simple answer and the same answer which has stood for over 3000 years are Gold and Silver. Put it this way, in 2006, 1 ounce of Silver cost about £6 and this ounce would buy you 6 litres of petrol. Right now in 2012, this same ounce of silver will buy you 16 litres of petrol even though we now have crazy oil prices and inflation. You can barely buy a kebab for £6 these days!

So there you go. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. Well call me facetious, but I think the world’s economists and bankers are insane to the membrane! I believe history is repeating itself again as we speak and what will play out in around 2016/17 will make the 1929 Great Depression look like a night out in Blackpool. The US and the Dollar is the modern day Rome and the gates are burning. The Economic God has got his karaoke out and is starting to rap!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Economic Collapse Chain Reaction

This is how things may possibly play out. Order of countries may change. It's also highly probable Germany may even be one of the first to leave. But one thing I do know is that this will happen...

Quantitative Easing in a nut shell...

This video may be mocking the financial system but it's 100% correct. Except these days they don't use the printing presses like we're familiar with, all they do these days is type a '1 followed by the required amount of zeros' into a computer and pOOf! Fake currency springs into existence and hits the banks books! Fact.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Silver Update - 29 Jul 12

Big things due for August I believe. If you look at the performance of Silver during August back since 1970, there have only been a handful of negative months, making August one of Silver's most prosperous months. Now it'd be ludicrous to trade or invest just off that fact, but it's nice to know at least. Trying to buy as much physical Silver before it breaks the $30 mark!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Economic Collapse Explained in 10 minutes

As much as I agree with this video, if you properly research Bernanke and the world's central banks, you'll discover how trigger happy they are when it comes to printing money. So yes, I believe there will be deflation like this video states, however it'll end up as a hyperinflationary depression...think 1929 + zimbabwe x 100........

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wall Street Protesters, Financial Experts and Ostriches

(This is an article that Chris Duane asked me to write for his website. He's one of the world leaders in gold and silver investing and it was a great honour that my work is slowly being noticed).

I don't read or watch the news anymore but I can't help but come across pictures and headlines about hundreds, if not thousands of people campaigning across the world, holding protests at their financial centres. Now it's become pretty evident that something's not quite right with the world anymore and it's not just me that's feeling it, hence the protests. However do these people actually think that camping outside these financial playgrounds in the attempt to gain media attention will actually change anything? I worked in the UK's Ministry of Defence for 8 months a fair while back and there were protests outside the building pretty much every other day. The only thing these protests accomplished was by simply annoying the people inside the building trying to work. Were the angry mob's views and ideas heeded? No. Simply ignored. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against these recent protests, in fact I agree with many of their views, however if they really want things to change, pitching up a tent and holding up signs isn't the way forward. To slay the beast, first you must understand the beast and how it is actually manipulating and holding you captive. That's why the public as a whole is quite ignorant. It takes time and effort to mentally develop oneself and for most, it's far easier and more entertaining to just switch on the TV to find out what Kim Kardasian is up to. BUT, if you started reading, watching and absorbing the wealth of information Google can find for you, you'll begin to view the world through a whole different lens. And what you'll find will shock you to the core. Your findings may even alienate you from your closest friends and family for appearing as a 'conspiracy theorist'. However, once you've taken the trip down the rabbit hole, there's no turning back.

Although we mustn't rely on it, in the world of finance, history does repeat itself. Mainly down to human nature being as stubborn as a baby. Now as a result of this, there's a large handful of people who can and have accurately 'predicted' future events. I'm not talking about Wall Street whizz kids but people with little financial background. People like you and I. People who have truly taken the time to take their finances and financial education in their own hands. People like Kiyosaki, Chapman, Turk, Maloney and Duane. But this skill isn't exclusively for these industry experts. You too can do it. I myself am a distinctly average Joe with distinctly average qualities. But if you make it your mission to understand how things work and how to protect yourself from the coming mathematically inevitable collapse, you'll be in the top 1% of the world of those prepared for it. You've got to be Noah. Have immense mental courage and then your family will thank you when the rain comes. Sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich and hoping the higher powers will wade in to save the day is no longer an option. For the first time in history, many major factors are all converging to one point in time and trust me, you'll need an ark of Silver, food, guns, gasoline and Gold to ride out this perfect storm. Major factors such as the Gold/Silver manipulation, ERISA, the Petro Dollar collapse, oil reserve decay, fiat currencies' finite life of 45 years, fractional reserve banking, exponential debt and currency supply, the changing of the Global Monetary System and Gold's clockwork re-accountancy of itself against the fiat. All of these factors are going to lead to one outcome: The death of the Dollar and the monumental increase in value (NOT just the fiat price) of precious metals and tangible assets. Now if you're unfamiliar with those factors I just mentioned, this is your homework; find out what they mean and why. Those factors are merely the tip of the world financial Ponzi iceberg and I have spent months developing a library's worth of educational videos for the public. That, I suggest is the first place you start.

Still on the fence? Well the US debt alone increases by $4 BILLION a DAY. And there is more debt in the world than currency. So let me ask you this: Do you really think a debt increase of that value per day is sustainable? Most of the US's assets are held by Foreign Offices. What do you think will happen when the world loses faith in the Dollar? What do you think will happen when the world realises that in investment form, Silver is far rarer than Gold and that Silver is heading to be the first element on the periodic table to become extinct? I could go on, but you get the point. I know I may seem like Dr. Doom at the moment but someone needs to be straight with you and it sure isn't going to be the media or your financial advisor. So what's the silver lining to all of this doom? Silver! Do your homework, find out the 4 billion reasons why this is the case. But before I sign off remember this, Silver is the Achilles heel of the banking sector. If you do the Maths, you'll find that if just 5% of the world bought just 1 ounce of silver...the banks would go bust overnight. That's being conservative. In fact if just 1% of the world did that in the space of a month, you'd have the same effect. I know the world is poor as a whole, but most could afford a $30 Silver coin/bar. So if you want things to change, stop being the slave. Banks only have power whilst we give it to them. So by simply spreading the Silver-word you're doing a lot more good than attending the picket lines. Give a man a gun and he'll be able to rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he'll be able to rob the world. Don't be an ostrich, be Noah.