Thursday, 6 September 2012

Gold and Silver Update - 06 Sep 12

I was 90%, but now I'm 99% certain that this is the start of the biggest silver rally there ever will be and this bull run will last at the very least 5-10 years. My bullion buying customers are going to be some very wealthy people.

But back to the update, a while ago I mentioned that once we close above $30 we would never see sub $30 again. Well in the last few days Silver has smashed through the $32 level and is  now about to test $33. This is a purely physical bullion driven market and the market manipulation we've seen over the years is now looking as though it's being over powered by the sheer demand of people buying REAL physical silver. The fundamentals behind silver are beyond belief and the Silver rally is going to be like a thief in the night and shock the world. That's a good thing if you own silver, not so good if you don't. We're now waving goodbye to dirt cheap silver. Having said that, this is still very cheap considering that we'll be looking at $500 Silver within 3-5 years...

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