Hello there, my name is Siam and I've created this blog to help people slowly open up their minds to what's really going on at the moment and how to develop the future we all dream about but never get around to making things happen! We're on the cusp of great financial upheaval and by knowing how and why these things are happening, you're already ahead of 99% of the population. I'll also share experiences in my personal journey into the financial markets and the successes and struggles I've had to deal with.

Long story short, I'm a completely self-taught trader/investor and I've made pretty much every mistake one could possibly make along this roller-coaster ride of emotions. Despite suffering some very hefty blows, I believe that this has made me into the solid trader/investor I am today.

We're currently living in a very uncertain world, but as a result of this, there has never been a time of so many profitable opportunities. Once you know how to use good and/or bad world news to your advantage, you'll see the world through a completely different lens. So hopefully by learning from my mistakes, your progression curve can be accelerated and you'll hopefully avoid the extremes of emotion I've experienced along the way.

I'm a firm believer in personal development and spend a lot of my time and money on it. My car does not move without petrol AND a personal development audiobook of some sort and as a result I now study over 5 audiobooks per month. It's amazing the amount of knowledge one can learn from your normal driving. Some studies show that 1 years worth of audiobooks whilst driving is the same as a 3 year degree (in some subjects)!

I'm also keen on learning as much as possible from world leading experts in a variety of specialist fields from internet marketing, financial trading, business and more.

Top: Ellie and I had dinner with Chris Gardner (as played by Will Smith in movie 'The Pursuit of Happyness) at a Top Achievers' Ball. His wisdom is profound.
Middle Left: Did a 3 day masterclass with one of the world's leading internet marketers - Ralph Plumb. He's had unbelievable success online.
Middle Right: Am part of the Entrepreneur's Circle Inside Track and do workshops with Nigel Botterill and his team, who've created 8 separate multi million pound businesses from scratch. Nigel is simply marketing/business powerhouse.
Bottom: Regular member of 4Networking. It's the UK's biggest joined up business networking group. Created by Brad Burton who's also a great business motivational speaker and we're now good friends.

I'm definitely nothing special. Just an average guy with distinctly average qualities and am simply passing on the wisdon that my 'financial heros' have said/taught. People like James Turk, Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, Chris Duane, Eric Sprott, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, David Morgan, Mike Maloney, Chris Martenson and many more. Google really is a great tool.