Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fake Gold popping up everywhere!

There have been a lot of cases of fake Gold popping up everywhere and even from world famous Bullion Dealers. That's the problem with selling second hand bullion, so if a bullion dealer tries to sell you second hand coins/bars (especially bars) be very careful. There's more of a risk with Gold than Silver, just like you don't see many fake 5p coins, but you tend to see a lot of fake £20 notes. It's a case of the fraudster's time/cost/effort for ROI. Hence why I always stick with Silver 1oz Government Mint coins. I've actively sought to find a good fake Maple Leaf or American Eagle on eBay and can't find any. Fake coins like this are normally very obvious. Good fake coins are rather hard to come by...(which is a very good thing!)...

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