Saturday, 13 April 2013

Gold & Silver just got gunned down in broad daylight

This is an update of the orchestrated Gold and Silver attack on Friday 12th April...


  1. Thanks Scott...hope it helps!

  2. Thanks for the insights Siam.

    People need to understand the difference between investing in gold and silver through paper ETFS versus taking delivery of physical metal. After the theft from Cypriot bank depositors I'm advising people to keep their cash at home as well as their bullion. What's teh point of risking a government raid for 0.25% interest?

    Graham Rowan
    Renegade Investor

  3. Great video thank you for keeping us up to date! We're happy to know that our monthly silver saver plan will take advantage of this dip in prices!

  4. Indeed! These are great times for Gold/Silver investors